SmartSenseCom provides innovative systems in
detection, measurement and control.

 We have a deep technical base in optical sensing and measurement. While we can adapt our core technology to a wide range of applications, we have two emerging product lines in

     • Electric Power Monitoring and Control
• Microphones and Acoustic Sensing

Advantages of SSC technology and products


  • Lower cost v. competing high performance technologies
  • Significant size reduction v. competing technologies
  • Smaller system footprint
  • Low power requirement
  • Communications agnostic
  • Electro-optics and data acquisition can be located remotely from sensors
  • Integrated electro-optics and data acquisition significantly improves speed of measurement and analysis
  • Safer: remote calibration eliminates human risks
  • No sensitivity to temperature or humidity – nearly identical lab and operational performance
  • 100% dielectric sensors available (i.e., no metal/conductive elements)
  • 100% passive optical sensing
  • 100% EMI immunity in sensor and cables

Advantages of SSC technology and products


  • Much higher accuracy compared to electro-mechanical sensors
  • More robust and resilient in the field, a contrast to other optical techniques
  • Lower measurement error, consistent performance from sensor to sensor
  • Much earlier and more accurate detection of anomalies due to reduced error range, high signal above noise
  • Very low total system noise floor with >130 dB signal above noise
  • Acoustic - Advantages for array-based direction finding and ranging applications
  • Acoustic - Broadband frequency response in a single array to detect any signature, 1 Hz to 200 kHz
  • Electric power - Fast, accurate and synchronized wide-area measurement provides actual state condition (rather than estimation)
  • Electric power – Limited number of sensors needed to monitor equipment, operations and loads throughout the network

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